The Way I Game

I didn’t grow up as a gamer (unless playing Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit qualifies me for that epithet), but rather as a bookworm, and I didn’t discover the world of gaming until I was well into my twenties. That’s why it’s funny how a lot of my life has come to revolve around gaming and game development.

So, who am I as a gamer? First of all, let’s check my stats:


My gaming style is calm, spontaneous, relaxed, immersed, and expressive—which isn’t a bad description of how I am in real life either.

As you can see I completely discard skill, accomplishment, and action when I play games. (That’s not entirely true as I’ve been healing heroic raids for a few years now, and I’d like to think that require at least a little bit of skill.) But generally the chart above is a good illustration of my gaming motivations relative to those of other gamers.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft continuously since 2009, and I’ve been an active raider for most of that time. I’ve yet to try another MMORPG that I enjoy more.

I dip in and out of Diablo 3 on an irregular basis, and about two or three times a year I earn a card back in Hearthstone.

Right now I’m on a hiatus from raiding as I was dangerously close to getting burnt out. And because I have such love for WOW, I’m refraining from playing too often so I can return with a vengeance come Legion.

Instead, I’m exploring the world of mobile games. Among the ones I’ve thoroughly enjoyed are 80 Days, Fallout Shelter, The Wolf Among Us, and The Sims FreePlay. The next one to tackle is Lifeline which is written by Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us), and I’m really excited about it.

I’m also keen on playing many of the games of late that have been hailed for their great narrative, and I’ve prepped my wishlist on Steam so I can acquire them whenever one of them pop up on special offer.

Lastly, the one thing I love, apart from a great story, is to play with customization. Give me many appearance options, or ask me to furnish my polygon dwelling, and I’m hooked for hours.

And oh, if the customization options include horns, hoofs, or tails, I’m on it like a car bonnet.


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